Sanitary Hot Water Heat Pump
Sanitary Hot Water Heat Pump
Product Details


*It is ideal system to utilize existing water tank of boiler or electric heater with much more cost saving and more safety.

*It is designed for energy-efficient performance means that results in increased savings for the homeowner.

*It can be placed in the laundry room or clothing room. When it produces hot water it lowers the temperature and dehumidifies the room as well. The advantage can be experienced particularly in the humid season.

*Electrical element available in the unit as a back-up, assuring constant hot water even in extreme cold winters.

*Automatic star-up and shut down, automatic defrosting. Can be controlled by timer setting that you can have the hot water immediately without waiting for the water to heat up.

*Complete isolation between water and electricity, no potential danger of any inflammable, gas poisoning, explosion, fire, electrical shock which are associated with other heating systems.

*It can be easily installed by a plumber or electrician, no need for a specialist refrigeration engineer.

*It is mainly produced for family use in the washroom, the laundry and so on.

*It converts ambient energy from air into heat, resulting in to eco friendly as well as cost saving heating solutions all round the year.

*It is an innovative, reliable and efficient product as well as residential or commercial solutions for house heating.

*High quality,it can extend the service time.