Air heat pump installation notes

The mainframe is the most basic working requirement of a heat pump, and it is also the most essential part, and can be said to be the most important part. Therefore, its installation and use of the working environment require special attention, and it is the most valuable part of the air heat pump, its installation environment is directly related to its service life.

Although it is the most expensive place, it is not as expensive as the general electronic products. It can be applied to the ground, roof, balcony, special table and even the place where it can be easily installed and can withstand the weight of the air heat pump main unit. Of course, we still need to consider its air collection effect and smooth exhaust, avoid using it in a closed space, so as not to affect the effect of the air energy heat pump in extracting heat from the air.

If it is required to be installed on the platform of the roof, it is also necessary to take into account the wind direction of the location and have good lightning protection measures; if it is required to be installed on the ground, it is also necessary to avoid the air heat pump at the strong air outlet position and Make a 200mm installation foundation and thicken the rubber shock pad of 10~20MM to ensure the installation during operation.

There are also some things, such as the following points, which are where we need to be vigilant:

The operation panel should be installed in an easy-to-view operation and should not be installed in a place with wet water.

The control line is pre-buried to the side of the main unit with a threaded pipe.

The main unit should be installed close to the power supply and water source to facilitate wiring and piping.

Do not install the main unit in a place with high pollution or dust.

There should be no exhaust ports for strong heat sources and other equipment around the main engine, no corrosive and flammable gases.

The distance between the outdoor host and the surrounding walls or other objects placed must not be less than the spacing shown below.

The main chassis and the hot water tank should be as close as possible, the distance should not be greater than 5m, and the height difference between the main unit and the heating water tank should not be greater than the external lift.

There should be a downpipe near the main unit for discharging condensate from the work process.

A separate outlet that matches the power of the host should be preset near the host.