Can the air source heat pump be able to cool

Can the air source heat pump be able to cool? Of course, the air source heat pump unit works the same as the air-cooled hot and cold water unit (central air conditioner). In the past, air source heat pumps were mainly used for heating water, and the water temperature was generally 55 degrees. With the demand of the northern heating market and the introduction of low-temperature heat pump technology, air source heat pumps can only be used at -7 degrees in the past, and can now be used at -25 degrees. More and more customers use air source heat pumps. For heating. If the end of the air conditioner is a friend who installs the fan coil, it can also supply cold air.

The difference between the air source heat pump and the central air conditioner is that the air source heat pump is produced by heating, and the configuration requirements of the compressor system and the heat exchanger are all considered in the heating angle. In addition, there are many types of heating equipment or water heaters that are sold in the market. Users who consider using air source heat pump heating pay attention to the energy-saving advantages of products. The central air conditioner is produced by refrigeration. There is no other refrigeration equipment that can replace the air conditioner, and it cannot heat at low temperatures. It can be seen that the replacement of central air conditioners by air source heat pumps is the general trend.