High temperature heat pump manufacturers teach you how to choose a machine

High-temperature heat pumps will age and malfunction during long-term operation. Maintenance can reduce the failure rate of equipment and improve the service life of equipment. Maintaining lubrication of equipment is one of the important maintenance.

If the temperature of the high-temperature heat pump is too high, the load is too large, the vibration is shocked, or the lubricant is improperly selected, the amount of the lubricant is insufficient, the lubricant is invalid, etc., the boundary lubrication film is damaged, resulting in increased wear and greatly shortening the use time of the high-temperature heat pump. Even the high temperature heat pump is damaged. Many faults of the high temperature heat pump are caused by the boundary lubrication not being located, so the lubrication of the high temperature heat pump boundary is also very important.

1. Reasonable selection of lubricant: According to the working temperature of the oil film at the boundary of the high temperature heat pump, the load size and whether it is working in the extreme pressure state, suitable lubricant types and additives should be selected to improve the lubrication characteristics of the boundary film.

2. Reducing the surface roughness: The actual pressure of the boundary film on the metal surface of the high-temperature heat pump is related to the surface state of the metal. The larger the friction surface roughness, the smaller the real contact area. Under the same load, the pressure at the contact is large, and the boundary film is easily crushed. Reducing the roughness can increase the true contact area and reduce the pressure of the load on the oil film, making the boundary film less susceptible to crushing.

3. Change to a new type of lubricating material such as solid lubricating material and change the lubrication method.

Guangzhou SPEEDY a manufacturer of high-temperature heat pumps, has many years of experience in the production of high-temperature heat pumps. Through continuous improvement and upgrade of high-temperature heat pumps, it reduces the maintenance and maintenance of equipment, and is more convenient for users to operate and control. The installer will go to your site to conduct site design and installation and train the operator, inform the equipment where to pay attention in future operations, and how to maintain it in the future.