ISH 2017: The world is calling for innovations

ISH 2017: The world is calling for innovations

ISH 2017 was held during 14-17th, March in Frankfurt. Compared with the previous years, this year the ISH exhibition seems attract much more visitors to be present to the trend of technologies and designs in water and energy fields, especially in energy field. Of course, as a manufacturer of heat pumps, we (SPEEDY) put our eyesight upon heat pumps, HVAC as well as solar energy, and made a brief summary as below:

Residential heat pumps: inverter technology plays increasingly important role

With the implementation of the energy efficiency label in Europe, to achieve a high energy efficiency level, almost all big manufacturers have to adopt DC inverter compressors, EC fan motors, and even DC inverter circulation pumps in their high-end products, especially in domestic heat pumps. But in commercial heat pump fields, the traditional ON/OFF compressors are still widely used due to the high reliability and low cost.

Gas assisted heat pumps or gas-driven heat pumps are popular

In last two years, the cost of fossil energy including fossil oil and natural gas continuously went down, people are likely to choose a gas boiler as the heating device for their house due to the low initial equipment investment. Heat pump manufacturers are under the pressure of the market, they have to develop some product to meet the demand of the market, for example double heat source heat pumps (with natural gas as the second heat source) or gas-driven heat pumps.

The world is calling for innovation

Frankly speaking, it is hard to see innovative technologies or great improvements in heat pump or HVAC field. We just saw similar technologies or small improvement compared with last ISH fair. Maybe the decrease of the fossil cost slows down the research and development of renewable energy. However, as the hope of the future, we should keep on working on renewables, the world is calling for innovations.