What is air heating

What is air heating? Air heating mainly uses air source heat pump as heating source, and the heating of the room is completed by combining with the heating end (floor heating, fan coil, radiator). The principle of the air energy heat pump is to use the inverse Carnot principle to absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air with very little electric energy, and to become high-temperature heat energy through compression of the compressor, which is an energy-saving and efficient heat pump technology.

Air heating has the characteristics of comfort, energy saving, safety and long service life, and has wide application characteristics in household and commercial heating. It has strong applicability and can be used with different decoration styles. It does not worry about the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the indoor temperature division is more uniform.

Air heating characteristics

1. Easy to install

The installation of air heating is very convenient, as long as there is air circulation.

2. Safety and environmental protection

Air source heat pump heating does not discharge toxic substances to the outside like coal heating; unlike electric heating, it has direct contact with hot water, causing electric shock and injury; it is not like CO heating. Poisoning is fearful.

3. High efficiency and energy saving

Air source heat pump heating, compared to other heating methods, not only saves operating costs, but also reduces primary energy consumption, and has a significant effect on improving our atmospheric environment and reducing PM2.5 particulate matter emissions. But the biggest advantage is that it saves money. In Beijing, 100 square meters of energy-efficient buildings maintain indoor temperature of 20 degrees, and only use 2,500 kWh in winter.

4. Easy to use, stable operation

The air can be heated, it is an intelligent system. As long as the temperature is set, there is no need to worry about it, and it is not affected by the weather. The machine will automatically adjust the operation according to the indoor temperature and outdoor weather changes, which is super convenient.

5. Air heating can be used for both heating and cooling.