What is the best heat pump for cold areas?

What is the best heat pump for cold areas? To answer this question, we must make a comparison between air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps and choose what kind of heat pump is most suitable for a house owner.

As is known that normal air source heat pumps can’t work under too low environment temperature (normally the limit is -15). In this case, there is no other choice but ground source heat pumps for cold areas like north Europe. But with the development of science, a new technology called EVI (enhanced vapor injection) makes air source heat pumps with this technology (EVI heat pump) can work even when outside temperature down to -25~-30. That means air source heat pumps can work in most areas of the earth except those extremely cold areas. Even though ground source heat pumps still have the advantage in seasonal efficiency, but this difference is limited, and the high investment and the space requirement for heat probes are also a restrain for the application of ground source heat pumps. The research of EHPA shows that the market share of ground source heat pumps went down step and step in recent years.

After an EVI air source heat pump is selected, the second choice for us is between monoblock version and split version.

A monoblock heat pump means the whole unit is installed outdoors, including condenser and water circuit. In case of a power failure or error, or if the heat insulation is not well done, there is a risk for monoblock heat pump to be broken due to freezing;

However, for a split air source heat pump, freezing in water circuit is not a problem anymore: the outside unit contains evaporator and fan motor; Compressor, condenser and control system are all arranged in the indoor unit, outdoor unit and indoor unit are connected by refrigerant pipes. A design like this can make sure the water loop always away from freezing even in case of a power failure or maintenance, heat loss and electricity waste will be greatly reduced because anti-freezing running time is shorted or not need anymore. 

Finally, we can make a conclusion that the best heat pump for cold areas should be a Split EVI Air Source Heat Pump, of course it would be better if it also has DC Inverter Technology inside.