Air Source Heat Pump Changed The Heating System In Northern China

Now the northern part of China has entered the heating season, unlike in previous years, the heating energy of many places where coal is the dominant one is gradually being replaced by green clean energy. According to the latest statistics from the National Energy Administration, more than 4 million households in major cities in the north have realized Clean Energy Heating.
In these two days, the minimum temperature in Beijing has dropped to below zero, but Beijing residents are not worried about it, because they have been equipped with air source heat pumps that are powered by electricity. According to Beijing Power Authority's statistics,, Beijing currently has 1.07 million households using electricity for heating, the heating energy structure has been changed.


Not only Beijing but also 8 of 11 cities in Shanxi, a coal-rich province, have been designated no-coal zones and strictly control the use of coal while accelerating the replacement of electricity and natural gas. In Zhongyuan Oilfield of Henan, more than 40 Degrees of warm water is being used for heating after separation from oil; in Shandong, Zibo power supply sector began to promote the ground source heat pump in residential areas, the underground soil temperature extracted to participate in heating, 1 kWh electrical power can achieve 4 times of energy; After large-scale dismantling of coal-fired heating boilers, Jinan has realized the interconnection and interoperability of various heating methods such as electricity, natural gas and geothermal energy, which not only has high efficiency but also reduces the use of coal.
According to the incomplete statistics of the National Energy Administration, more than 4 million residents in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas have achieved various purposes through various means to achieve clean heating. In the meantime, the "Clean Heating Plan in the North of China" jointly prepared by the 10 ministries and commissions of the country will come forth soon. In the next five years, various all parties' funds will be used to participate in the construction of clean heating systems and gradually build a complete clean heating industrial system.

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