Coal To Heat Pump Project Reduced 2.7 Million Tons Of Coal Consumption

Air quality problems have always been a major problem for China in recent years. It is even more evident in the northern region. The increase of air pollution in North China not only is because of the geographical reason, but also has the relation with the using of coal for heating. Every winter, the air pollution in the north will be exacerbated to varying degrees. Every winter, a large amount of scattered coal burns and generates thousands of tons of pollutants. Over time, serious air pollution has occurred.

In order to solve this problem, China launched the "coal to clean energy" initiative in the north for domestic heating. After a year of reform, the progress of "coal to clean energy" in Beijing, Tianjin and other regions is quite gratifying. Large and small coal-fired boilers around the country were demolished and replaced by clean, air source heat pumps. According to the latest data, only Beijing's "Coal to Clean Energy" project can reduce the burning coal consumption of about 2.7 million tons of bulk coal. The reduction of 270 tons of coal combustion, the environmental protection effect is also very significant, it can reduce 13,500 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxides, 29.7 million tons, 189,000 tons of carbon monoxide emissions, 5940 tons of PM2.5 emissions. If the project is expanded to the entire northern region, emission reduction will be far more than this value.


Source: Speedy Green Energy Co., Ltd