Heat Pump Will Be One Of The Key Solutions Towards Climate Change In The Building Sectors

The Energy Technology Perspectives 2017 (ETP 2017) was released on June 6 in Beijing, China, during the Clean Energy Ministerial 8 (CEM8). For the first time, ETP 2017 looks at how far clean energy technologies could move the energy sector towards higher climate change ambitions if technological innovations were pushed to their maximum practical limits. The analysis shows that greenhouse gas emission levels that are consistent with the mid-point of the target temperature range of the global Paris Agreement on climate change could be reached. For this to be achieved policy support beyond anything seen to date are needed.


The ETP 2017 shows that heat pumps will be one of the key technologies for the building sectors in the 2BDS, the “below 2 degrees Celsius scenario”. The energy efficiency potential of the global energy sector still remains largely untapped. However, the good news is that highefficiency and lowcarbon energy technology solutions (e.g. heat pump and solar thermal technologies) already exist in most markets. Further policy actions and R&D investments are needed to support deployment of highefficiency and lowcarbon energy technology solutions.