R32 Refrigerant Makes SPEEDY Pool Heat Pumps More Efficient And Environmental


With the proceeding of research and product development, more and more evidences show that R32 refrigerant, as one of the alternatives of R410A refrigerant, has many advantages for the performance of air source heat pumps. First of all, R32 has much lower GWP value (675) compared with R410A (2100) ; Second, the filling amount of R32 could be reduced at least 10% with the same refrigeration system; Third, the efficiency of heat pumps could be around 10% higher than R410A if we tested with the same refrigeration system without any optimization. Fourth, R32 refrigerant has the similar pressure as R410A, not too much effort is required to optimize the existed system. The only disadvantage of R32 refrigerant is its flammability, but after reducing the filling amount and improvement on the production process and facilities, this disadvantage could be smoothed.

We will start to sell R32 pool heat pumps to European market from this second half year. For other markets, R32 pool heat pumps also could be an option.

The next generation of air source heat pumps for house heating are also under planning.


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