To Fight Against Smog, We Can’t Only Count On Heat Pumps

As is well known in heat pump industry that a huge project of this year called Coal-to-Electricity Project will start recently. This project is organized by the government to fight against the increasingly heavy smog in north China and has been pushed for several years.

 At beginning, the contractors who were involved in this project used electrical storage room heaters to take place the traditional coal stoves or small coal boilers in the old city of Beijing. With the development of heat pump technology, the benefits of heat pumps are gradually recognized by people. Now heat pumps almost have been the only choice for house owners, the application area has been expanded from Beijing city to several provinces around Beijing, which brings huge market for Chinese heat pump suppliers.

 The wide use of heat pump is for sure good for environmental protection, however, heat pumps are not all for fighting against smog in north China. As SPEEDY’s philosophy goes: the core issues of energy are how to generate energy cleanly and how to use energy efficiently.

 So how to use the heat generated by heat pumps is also a very important issue of energy. The most important measure is to reduce the energy conversation of buildings.  However, there are even no energy consumption standards for building in China, which cause the energy consumption per square meter of China is 3-4 times of developed countries. As we all know that building energy consumption covers around 40% of the whole energy consumption of the earth, so we have great potential in building energy conversation.

 All in all, heat pumps can play an important role in eliminating China’s smog, but we must enforce energy conversation standard for new buildings as soon as possible.