What Is An Energy Independent House?

An energy independent house means a house can meet all the energy consumption by itself without any outside energy feed. It should be away from reliance on gas, oil or any other fossil fuels, away from reliance the emission of environmentally damaging greenhouse gases, such as CO2. On the other hand, energy is generated at least than is consumed.   

There are three important issues to build an energy independent house:

1>   How to generate energy cleanly?

2>   How to store energy?

3>   How to use energy efficiently?


The answers are in the below drawing:

How to generate energy? It is no doubt that we should use PV modules to generate electricity for the house. Wind generator also can be used in some places to be the supplement of electricity. On the other hand, solar thermal panels can be used to generate useful thermal heat.

How to store energy? Energy storage is an important aspect for energy independence due to the discontinuous energy generation and uneven energy consumption. Accumulator cells should be precisely sized and adopted into the solar PV system and peak demand and valley demand should be both considered.

How to use energy efficiently? House heating (or cooling) and hot water almost consume 90% of the total energy consumption. So except building an energy-saving house, it is particularly important to choose efficient house heating appliance, an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump is the best choice for this. The solar thermal panels could be integrated into the heat pump system.

Now it seems an energy independent house is not a dream for us. With the wide range of products and solutions, SPEEDY is ready for the future. How about you?